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Patient Advocate/Bud Tender

Patient Advocate/Bud Tender

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Course Number:C3RN 013.51
CRN: 16298


6 sessions


Sat 10:00 a.m.- 6:00 p.m.


Apr 25-Jun 6 (No class 5/23)
A Patient Advocate or Bud Tender works at a cannabis dispensary to interact with patients and customers, answer technical questions, and provide the correct information for registered cannabis patients, caregivers, and customers making purchases. The person holding this position must be personable and have exceptional customer service skills while also possessing experience in sales and customer relations. Patients Advocates must demonstrate compassion and confidentiality when working with medical patients, and demonstrate medical cannabis knowledge and understanding of the products offered and different methods of use.

Scholarships and Payment Plans  are available for Cannabis Education only. Regular Non Credit Classes excluded. Once you add to cart you will be able to select either option in addition to paying in full with a debit or credit card.

Payment Plan Information

$500 to register
$1000 before the start of the 1st class
$500 per week after that until the balance is paid in full.
Certificates & internship will not be issued or approved if a balance is owed and its the students responsibility to contact us to make sure payment is made by the start of each weeks first class.  Please continue the checkout process and you will be contacted by phone to make the 1st payment.

The Cannabis Education Center (CEC) scholarship fund is administered by the Cannabis Center of Excellence, INC a 501c3 organization working with the Holyoke Community College and C3RN hosted Cannabis Education Center (CEC) cannabis programs. Scholarships will be provided to those who have been impacted negatively by the drug war, those who are unemployed, underemployed and low income populations, among other criteria.

(Applicants must qualify for at least one of these eight criteria)

1. Residence in an area of disproportionate impact as identified for at least 5 of the past 10 years and an income that does not exceed 200% of the Federal Poverty Level;
2. Either have been or currently unemployed or underemployed within the last six months from Holyoke and the surrounding areas. Note: An unemployed individual is defined as an individual who is not currently employed. An underemployed individual is defined as an individual who is working outside the target sector and earning less than a self-sustaining wage.
3. A past drug conviction and residence in Massachusetts for at least the preceding 12 months; or
4. Married to or the child of a person with a drug conviction and residence in Massachusetts for at least the preceding 12 months.
5. Those who have been arrested for cannabis or cannabis-related charges in any U.S. State;
6. Woman, Veteran, Disabled, Native American, LGTBQ, African American, Hispanic, or other Minority
7. Been unemployed for the last six months from Holyoke and the surrounding areas
8. Residents of Holyoke or surrounding areas that are identified as disproportionately impacted by the drug war by the cannabis control commission in Massachusetts.   

Limited Cannabis Workforce Development Training scholarships are available for specific cannabis programs that the CEC offers. Scholarship applicants will first be notified of receipt of the scholarship application. Successful Applicants will then be notified two weeks prior to the start of the workforce program they applied for.

Please be advised, for multiple programs you will need to complete a scholarship application for each interested track  CEC scholarship recipients are expected to maintain full-time enrollment in the program, be in good academic standing (based on Cannabis Education Center policies), and intend to make a lasting career in the cannabis industry.   

Scholarships will be awarded and based on:
1. Application responses and scoring
2. First come, first serve basis
3. Completion of the program requirements by the awardee
4. Availability of scholarship funds.

Add to cart for all payment options, including payment plans and scholarships.  Using the scholarship option or applying for a scholarship does not guarantee you being awarded a scholarship.

Scholarship Application Deadline for this course is April 3rd, 2020.

In order to be employed within the cannabis industry, you must obtain a license from the Cannabis Control Commission that will include a background check.  If you are in doubt or curious about what may or may not be on your record, you can apply for a free confidential CORI / SORI background check before you start class.  There is no cost to you.  The results are strictly confidential.  If there is something that might prevent you from obtaining a license and you choose to share the results, we may be able to offer a more in-depth interpretation, alternative solution and help in establishing remediation.  If you would like to apply for a the free background check, call 413.552.2320 AFTER you have registered and paid for your course.

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