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Cannabis Culinary Assistant

Cannabis Culinary Assistant

Price $3,000.00
Closed, class in session
Course Number:C3RN 016.51
CRN: 16300


6 sessions


S 10:00 a.m.- 6:00 p.m.


Jan 25-Feb 29
A Cannabis Culinary Assistant is responsible for a variety of cooking, baking, and infusing cannabis or hemp-based products with extracts. A CCA has knowledge about manufacturing operations and complying with policies and procedures related to security, health, and safety, and all relevant codes. A CCA has a basic understanding of inventory management, ordering systems, and equipment needed. All CCAs follow all GMP, HACCP and Q/A processes in facility and understand the pharmacology of cannabis and hemp and how medicinal dosing can be optimized. CCAs should have a demonstrated understanding of the different types of extracts that can be infused, operating temperatures, and other infusion techniques. CCAs also understand the basics of cannabis and hemp analytics testing and cannabinoid profiles to optimize infusions.

Scholarship applications are now closed and no longer being accepted.

In order to be employed within the cannabis industry, you must obtain a license from the Cannabis Control Commission that will include a background check.  If you are in doubt or curious about what may or may not be on your record, you can apply for a free confidential CORI / SORI background check before you start class.  There is no cost to you.  The results are strictly confidential.  If there is something that might prevent you from obtaining a license and you choose to share the results, we may be able to offer a more in-depth interpretation, alternative solution and help in establishing remediation.  If you would like to apply for a the free background check, call 413.552.2320 AFTER you have registered and paid for your course.

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