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Business Communications Certificate

Business Communications Certificate

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Course Number:CERT 015.51
CRN: 15596
Because corporate higher-ups and stakeholders can't support your ideas—or recognize you for them—without first understanding what they are, communicating clearly and concisely in written and oral formats is critical to your professional success. From clarifying and structuring your ideas to designing the PowerPoint slides that will best complement them, the techniques, interactive exercises, and checklists in this suite will help you create presentations and workplace documents that inform and persuade. This certificate offers instruction on crafting many of the most common business communication formats: memos, reports, brochures, proposals, presentations, catalogs, and websites. Topics include formal and informal outlining techniques, using email appropriately in an organizational setting, and revising for wordiness, unnecessary phrases, redundancy, and jargon. Program includes the following courses: -Communicating Collaboratively -Effective Business Writing -Effective Emails, Memos, and Letters -Effective Presentations -Effective Public Speaking For more information and to Register Click here $299.00

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