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Best Seat in the House
Best Seat in the House

Best Seat in the House

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Course Number:HLTH 063.51
CRN: 16466


1 session


T 12:00 p.m.- 1:15 p.m.


Mar 9
ATTENTION: students, teachers, and office workers. The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has changed the way we learn, work, and play. Hence, it has become increasingly important that we take proactive measures to help maintain good posture and musculoskeletal health. During this course, participants will learn skills designed to help them make thoughtful and health enhancing modifications to their school, work, or home office workstation. Participants will also learn about proper chair adjustments, sitting vs. standing, as well as basic everyday routines that can increase blood flow and strengthen the muscles of the neck and back. Register now and receive the best seat in the house! Instructor Kenyatta Rashad

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